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No. You can come in for an estimate anytime during regular business hours.
We request that you arrive for your estimate at least 30 minutes prior to closing to give our estimators ample time to prepare your estimate. We have spacious drive-in estimating bays to keep you out of the elements when Chicago weather makes being inside the better choice.

Estimates typically take 15-30 minutes depending the severity of the accident. Once the estimate is complete you will be presented with a written estimate. You can schedule an appointment at your earliest convenience.

Differences in estimates are common. In fact, some damage is impossible to see until the vehicle goes through the “tear down” phase where a technician disassembles parts of the vehicle. Tear down often reveals hidden damage that will add to the estimated repair cost.

Another reason an estimate might be lower is because the shop may be assuming that they will be cutting corners when performing the repair. Platinum Autobody will never write an estimate that does not allow us to repair a vehicle to our high standards.

Yes. The choice is yours and yours alone regardless of who your insurance carrier is.

Differences in estimate amounts are common and as you would expect, subsequent estimates are usually higher. One reason for this is that estimates provided by an insurance company often can’t take into account hidden damage that can only be seen once the repair has started. Anytime there is a difference between the original estimate and the actual estimate Platinum Autobody will work with your insurance company to resolve any difference in the repair cost.

Depending on your claim history, your rates could go up for a time. If the accident is severe, or if more than your car is involved, it may be more economical to use your insurance instead of trying to pay out-of-pocket. The amount you would pay out may be more than your increases would be spread out over time. You can always change insurance companies, if the rate increases too much.

Yes. Platinum Autobody offers a limited lifetime warranty on all repairs performed by any one of our shops. Please call or visit one of our shops for more details.


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